Sunday, 31 May 2009

Black Bear - Cinnamon Phase

I love bears, as you can probably guess from the title picture of this blog. I’ve always said that if I was ever diagnosed with a terminal illness I’d love to go hug a polar bear. The pain of being ripped to shreds by the strongest animal on the planet would be worth it for that brief moment when I’d get to wrap my arms round its furry neck and nuzzle my face against his. Recently this love of bears has combined with my love of music. Such bear named bands as ‘Grizzly Bear’, ‘Polar Bear’ and ‘Panda Bear’ have blasted through my headphones many times. There’s always an exception to any rule though and unfortunately Black Bear (Incidentally my least favorite type of Bear) don’t live up to the caliber of their name sakes. Black Bear is one man, Sam Beebe, co-runner of the Baskerville Hill record label. Using simple instruments and organs he has created Cinnamon phase. Anyone familiar with ‘Casiotone for the painfully alone’ will recognize what is being done here. Simple, lo fi one man and his organ music. And that is this albums main problem, it sounds to similar to Owen Pallets project without really bringing anything new to a genre which doesn’t really have much scope for individuality. Lyrically this album is sound, but the barely inventive music makes it feel like talking to a very intelligent man, with a terribly monotone voice. Cinnamon phase isn’t a bad album, it just doesn’t have much ‘come back to’ value.

Score: 5/10

Stand out track: Black Bear

Genre: Indie, Lo-Fi,

For Fans Of: Casiotone for the painfully alone

Links to music:

Download: No Name Leeds


Here are some pictures of some bears:

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