Thursday, 28 May 2009

Coconot - Cosa Astral

Remember the album ‘Alegranza’ by El Guincho? It came out last year to some acclaim (It had a huge Parrot on the cover). If not check it out, it was one of funniest albums I’ve heard in quite some time. The best way I could describe it is to imagine a carnival version of Animal Collective, or say if All Tomorrows Parties was taken over by those Lilt ladies from the annoying soft drink ads. That’s right, whoever says you can’t have fun and dance around like an idiot whilst still remaining some indie cred has obviously not heard the music of Pablo Diaz-Rexia

His El Guincho project is to Coconot as Animal Collective Is to their percussionists, Noah Lomax’s amazing side project Panda Bear. By this I mean that Coconot is El Guinchos full band. The similarities don’t stop here though, this album is full of the same rhythmic punches and howling yelps that made me and many others fall in love with ‘feels’. Cosa Astral is very much as if Avey Tare and the rest of the Animal gang took a summer vacation south off the border and decided to never come back. Hailing from Barcelona this three-piece have made an album which is full of the same arty folk sounds that have made Animal collective such a revered name in the indie music scene giving it enough familiarity to draw you in, but has more than enough ingredients from their own cultural background to make it an unique journey, and a really fascinating album. So if you’ve been looking for something else to join ‘Merriweather Pavilion’ in your top albums of the year list, or just something fun to accompany you on your summer hols this album manages to do both, very, very well. If only those summer trashy novels you find in airport book shops could boast the same sort of claim

Score: 8.1/10

Stand out track: Tao

Genre: Spanish, Experimental, Freak Folk, Car-ni-val!

For Fans Of: Animal Collective, Panda Bear, El Guincho,

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