Friday, 29 May 2009

Records Of The Month - January to June

Seeing as I’ve missed a few months of the year I’m using this post as a catch up. Each month I hope to list my top 3 albums of the month in an attempt to create a better end of year list. It also gives me the opportunity to mention some releases I wouldn’t normally review as there the sort of albums you can find reviewed on ‘proper’ music websites such as ‘Drowned in sound’ and Pitchfork. If available I’ll leave appropriate links. Please feel free to use the comments sections to disagree with my choices, and maybe they’ll make it to the end of year list with the others that have slipped by the way.

Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest (9.1/10): How often do you wait, for what seems like forever, only to be disappointed by a lack luster album. Nothing of the sort here. A truly wonderful collection of songs which flows majestically. A must!

Reviews: Pitchfork, DiS

Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion (9/10): The art work hurts my eyes and makes me feel a bit sick. On occasions the music does the same to my ears, but I like it. I didn’t like ‘strawberry jam’ very much, and although I still don’t think ‘Merriweather’ is as great as ‘feels’ its pretty dam close

Reviews: Pitchfork, DiS

Gun Outfit – dim light (8.2): First heard this through the no name leeds site (see link below for download). They described it as the best album of the year so far, high praise indeed. Imagine Lou Reed singing in Joy division.

Reviews: No Name Leeds (inc Download)

Cymbals Eat Guitars Why there are mountains(7.8): Loud, as loud as you’d expect from a band with both guitars and cymbals in their name. However it has some wonderful melodies. It walks a very fine line between good inventive rock music and the better side of emo. For fans of ‘ugly organ’ era cursive

: Pitchfork

Dirty Projectors – Bitte Orca(8.5): Saw them at Triptych in Edinburgh in ts final year. Watching them play at cabaret Voltaire was one of the most amazing, mesmorizing live shows I’ve ever witnessed. Their last album ‘rise above’, a reimagining of Black Flags ‘Damaged’ didn’t sit to well with some people but hopefully this will win some of them over

Jason Lytle: Your truly, The Commuter (7.9): It’s the singer from Grandaddy, doing what he’s always done so well. Nothing else needed to say really. Plus at one point he samples the piece of classical music (Can’t remember it currently) that’s used in the film ‘The Fall’ my favorite film of last year and what introduced me to lee Pace and eventually Pushing daises. This albums is as lovely as that show.

Notable Mentions:

  • Japandroids – post nothing (7.2): a younger, hipper DFA1979.
  • Mi Ami – Watersports(7.3): Pack of wolves by Black Eyes was amazing, this is there new band,
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah – It’s Blitz (7.4): Electro NY cool, a pleasant change of direction

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