Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Brave New World

A Look at what all those cool kids will be bragging about having ‘heard years ago’ in a couple of months. So let’s all get one foot ahead of all that hipster bullshit.

Beach Fossils

Beautiful pop songs for the new lo-fi world to bask in. Based in Brooklyn, New York must help get you noticed, but regardless of your post/zip code you still have to have the tunes to help you stand out, Beach Fossils three tracks available on their MySpace are more than enough to keep them afloat though, in what has become a vast ocean of noise pop. Their fleeting lo-fi amble seems to gently washes over you, at times seeming unimpressive, but this works in their favor. Most of the current scene sounds like okay rock songs recorded badly, or in some-cases catchy pop songs ruined by poor production values, to give it that ‘cool’ edge. Beach Fossils can be enjoyed without having to adjust your ears to the same frequency they were used to when traveling to school listening to music on a two pound walkman bought from Woolworths powered on ‘value’ batteries through second rate headphones.

Link: MySpace

P.S. Eliot

Guess what, more lo-fi noise pop here as well. You may have read further down the page my damning review of the Baby Shakes album, and how they were undoing the hard work of Vivian Girls and other artists pioneering the female movement in alternative rock. Well here’s a name to tip the balance the other way. This all girl three piece from Birmingham Alabama make great punk tunes without any of the untoward attitude normally present. They also seem to have a pretty good taste in music referencing Fugazi, Bikini Kill and X-Ray Spexs as their influences. All of which are present to some extent on their demo ‘The Bike Wreck’. Check it out through the link below for some great contempory punk with female vocals and imagine how good a full EP/LP could be.

Link: MySpace, Download

Grass Widow

Girls! Girls! Girls! Looking for a good time. These three ladies certainly know how to have one, or at least write songs about it. Quirky pavement influence surf rock is what’s on the menu here. And you’d find it hard to find many people who couldn’t find something about this New York group they liked. There’s upbeat sing-a-longs, beautiful melodies, fun jangly guitars and plenty of new innovative ideas. Perfect if you’re like me and keen on the whole new lo-fi thing but sometimes wish you could hear those songs without having to wade through a mist of distortion and tinny guitar sounds

Links: MySpace, Download

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