Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Iran - Dissolver

Know that feeling, when you come home to a lovely prepared dinner, something that’s taken you partner or mum ages to prepare, where every single touch of spice has been lovingly added just so you’ll like it, but inside all you really wanted, and secretly been craving since you finished work was a fish finger sandwich. You’re grateful for all the effort and hard work that’s gone into it all, but sometimes it’s the simple things that can give you greatest pleasure. Well Iran is Kyp Malone From TV On the Radio’s fish finger sandwich. This is no ordinary fish finger sandwich though Iran are made using the same fine ingredients that you’d expect from ‘TV on the Radio’. The best cod, golden crispy batter and the finest wholegrain bread all topped with homemade ketchup. A little taste of the mainstream with enough elements of high society to make it socially acceptable. That’s it really, this album is for want of a better phrase a ‘pop’ TV on the Radio album. Fair play to Kyp as he’s managed to make an album that will gain him new fans whilst maintaining the same ones he’s already accumulated. Here its obvious he seems to understand that although people say they like change, we all know that if you steer to far away from the apple cart people begin to get uncomfortable. Dissolver is full of all the experimental musicianship you’d expect from a member of TV on the Radio, but he’s replaced all the foot stomping beats and electro wizardry with sing-a-long choruses and piano driven verses. Iran take elements from the recent explosion of great American indie bands and influences from older 70’s rock icons to make a cracker of an album that feels both safe and exciting. I hope this album is the first of many baby steps towards something new and rewarding for Kyp without closing the door, or affecting his work with the TV guys because currently without surpassing ‘TV on the Radio’ Iran have made a very entertaining album that holds its own but also works as a perfect accompaniment to ‘Dear Science’ and ‘Return to Cookie Mountain’.

Score: 8/10

Stand out track: Airport 99

Genre: Indie, Experimental Rock

For Fans Of: TV On The Radio, Shins, Decembrists

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