Sunday, 14 June 2009

More News 14.06.09

ATP film to premier at EIFF

That’s right, Britain’s pioneering ‘boutique’ festival is moving from the beaches and onto a cinema screen near you, well actually more like a large, well stocked video rental store near you. The Documentary, distributed by WARP films, looks set to show different perspectives of the festival, filmed using a mixture of footage by director Jonathan Caouette (Tarnation) and ‘found’ video sent in by festival goers, it looks set to show a real fans ‘point of view’ and artist opinions on one of the most well respected festivals amongst both artists and museo’s. The first chance you’ll get to witness this film is at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. There’ll be a special one off show at the Edinburgh Picturehouse, featuring special guest performances, curated by ATP! There'll also be people in blue coats, mini bingo and some northern soul DJs. This’ll be the first time I’ve missed the EIFF in four years so pretty gutted I’ll not get to go to this, or the Daren Aronofski ‘in person’ event. There will also be a ‘normal’ screening of the film during the festival at the Edinburgh FIlmhouse on Lothian Road. Check out the brilliant Clockwork Orange inspired trailer below. Look real close and you may see yourself, I haven’t but I keep trying.
Dates & Prices:

20thJune, Edinburgh HMV Picturehouse 20:00 $18.50
25thJune, Edinburgh Filmhouse 18:00 $8.50/$7.50


Warp Box Set

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, WARP records will be releasing what looks like a very special behemoth of a box set. Featuring five CDs, five 10”s and a 192 page booklet, there’s certainly plenty here to keep you occupied.
Included is the following:
The Warp20 (Chosen) double CD, a compilation of tracks from the label's history, with 10 songs chosen by fans' votes via the Warp website and 10 songs chosen by Warp co-founder Steve Beckett. It'll also include a pullout poster with memories and messages from people who wrote into the website. And because voting has closed, we actually know which 10 fan-chosen songs made the final cut. You can see the list here. Man, Flying Lotus almost made it.

-- The Warp20 (Recreated) double CD, a compilation of Warp artists covering other Warp artists. It'll include tracks by the likes of Autechre, Jamie Liddell, Maximo Park, Harmonic 313, Clark, Seefeel, Luke Vibert, and Plaid.

-- The Warp20 (Elemental) CD, an hour-long piece from "Intro-Inspection" mash-up kingpin Osymyso, commissioned especially for this box set, made up entirely of bits and pieces of Warp records.

-- The Warp20 (Unheard) triple 10", which collects rare and unreleased tracks from Boards of Canada, Broadcast, Autechre, Elektroids, and others. This will come in "uncoated card sleeves with debossed typography." Sounds fancy!

-- The Warp20 (Infinite) double 10", a collection of locked-groove loops from Warp tracks.

-- Warp20 (1989-2009): The Complete Catalog, a 192-page book of cover artwork from every Warp release up until August 2009.

*Information on box set gained from Pitchforkmedia

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