Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Soundtrack of Our Lives

What’s been blasted out the iPod headphones recently

We all know it’s not always about albums. The skill to writing a great song doesn’t always cross over to making a great album. So here are some of the tunes that have been spinning in repeat through my headphones. I've made them into a little mix tape that you can grab by clicking the link at the bottom. I know its not the same as me giving you all an old cassette thats be recoreded over hundreds of times, but at least the notes below add some kind of personal touch.

Crocodiles – I Wanna Kill: With that lo-fi sound that’s been kicking about with the likes of Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts, Times New Viking and Wavves making, well waves there’s been a lot of band wagon jumping. Crocodiles aren’t one of those bands though. ‘I Wanna Kill’ sounds like a stadium anthem recorded through a pc microphone, great!.

Emmy The Great – First Love: Emmys been the next big thing now for almost four years. Whilst she’s sat and watched counterparts like ‘Noah and the Whale’ and ‘Laura Marling’ rise and take their fifteen minutes of fame her reputation has grown within the indie underground. If PJ Harvey is the queen of the Indie world then Emmy is surely the Disney princess, with a mild rebellious streak.

The Horrors – Who Can Say: My god what a comeback. After being NME hyped to the max they’ve decided to not fall foul of facing their wrath with a familiar second album. Instead it would seem they’ve been hanging around with M83 listening to my bloody valentine albums whilst still visiting there punk friends every other weekend.

Japandroids – Young Hearts Spark Fires: Whether your sitting in a coffee shop, walking to work, or just lying in bed I bet you can’t listen to this song without punching your fist in the air, shouting ‘Yeah!’ repetitively and dreaming of those summer romances you wish you’d had. “I don’t wanna worry about dying, I just wanna worry’bout those sunshine girls!”

The National – Baby We’ll Be Fine: According to last fm I now like The National more than Tom Waits, Animal Collective and Xiu Xiu. Not sure how this happened, they kind of creapt up there in the charts. This track could be one of the reasons why. “I pull of your jeans and you spill Jack and Coke on my Collar…..I’m so sorry for everything”

Samamidon – Wedding Dress: I Love this guy so, so much. In all fairness I could have picked any track of this album as there all so beautiful. Live he is just jaw dropping, if you ever get the chance to see him then please go, it’ll definitely be worth it. Picked this because my cousins getting married next month and I’m still unsure if I can make it. Lost contact for 12 years and met up recently, he and his future bride are pretty sound. This track makes me not only want to go to their wedding, but every wedding this summer.

Muslims – American: Think this group had to change their name to the ‘soft touch’ not sure why, probably because they’re a bunch of wussesA who were told to by their label and just rolled over and caved in. Regardless this tracks awesome. The whole album is catchy as hell but this is the track which I keep skipping back to when I’m marching to work in the mornings, late as usual.

AU – Boute: I really want to love this band. I heard this track about a year ago, but ever since I’ve not found anything they’ve done which comes close to being as moving as this track. The piano and the way it builds with the music is just beautiful. The most recent album is meant to be great, and my friends band supported them the other week, saying they were ace live. Guess I just need to give it an other chance


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