Sunday, 28 June 2009

Neon Klaw Compilation N.001

Can't be bothered downloading all the releases on here but still wonder what some of them are like? Too busy to absorb it all, well here you go, the first Neon Klaw compilation, a wash with tracks from reviewed albums on here. Enjoy and share with others.

Also anyone wanting to write on here give me a shout, silly hours are making it difficult to post. Wether you want to post and review your own music, or be given assignments just let me know

Track list:

1. Jeremy Jay - In This Lonely Town
2. Grass Widow - Celebrate The Mundane
3. Katie Stelmanis - Join Us
4. Woodpigeon - Piano Pieces For Beginners
5. Bachelorette - National Grid
6. Gun Outfit - Guilt And Regret
7. Antlers - Sylvia
8. Japandroids - Wet Hair
9. Rainbow Arabia - Harlem Sunrise
10. Matthew King - Can't Define The Word Cool
11. Blank Dogs - Setting Fire To Your House
12. Frankie Rose - Where Do You Run
13. Lenguas Largas - I Feel
14. Beach Fossils - Daydream
15. Ghost Bees - Sinai


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  1. Hello fair cousin,

    Any chance of re-loading the link for your the compilation?

    Hope you are well?

    Gavin x